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Bass Fishing
Bass-Fishing dams are available on the Lodge but only on a "Catch and release basis".


We offer trained Guides and transport for your
Game hunting or viewing experience.

Bow-Hunters are also most welcome.


Species available for hunting purposes are Springbuck, Brindled-Gnu,
(Blue Wildebeest) White-Tailed Gnu, (Black Wildebeest)
Blesbuck, Red Hartebeest, Deer and Ostrich.

A Clay-Pigeon shooting range will test your skills on Bird-Hunting.

Guests may also explore some of the picturesque hiking or Horse trails
suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

A 4x4 track for those who would like to test the endurance of their 4x4 in rough terrain is also available.

Our facilities include Fishing, hunting, bird-watching, safari's, 4x4 tracks etc.

Visit our facilities page for more info...

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